About Us

As one of the leading recording studios in the Stuttgart and Esslingen area,
we have been developing and producing audio productions for our demanding customers from advertising, media, film and music industries for many, many years.

We provide the creative input to make stories and concepts understandable and emotionally tangible.

Our central location makes us easy to reach for artists and agencies in the Stuttgart and Esslingen area.


Voice direction

Cannot be replaced by any plug-in or processor: Feel for language and sensitivity!

Decades of experience with voice recordings in all genres and with a wide variety of artists and characters.

Funk Radio Soundstudio

Radio commercials

Get to the point in 20 seconds?
Always a challenge and our favorite child.
Image or hard selling – breathy or screamed.

TV Spots

TV commercials

Breathe emotions into lavishly produced images with sound design, language and music – carefully mixed in R128.

Online und Industriefilm

Online + industrial films

German, English or (almost) any other language.
With professional voice talents and natives from all over the world.
For image films, trailers, tutorials etc.

Sprechercasting Booking

Voice talent casting + booking

Thousands of national and international voices.
Consulting, individual casting, quote and billing.
Support of young talents and regional voice talents.



Commissioned compositions for advertising, online or industrial films.
Development of audio logos and soundalikes.
Recording and/or mixing bands and solo artists.

Hörbuch, Podcast, E-Learning

Audio book, podcast, e-learning + telephone announcements

Voice recording, voice direction, editing and mixing.
From casting to the final mix.

AI Voices

AI/KI Voices

Voice generation, TTS and STS productions, voice cloning …
Thanks to our experience in the field of AI, we can offer customised solutions.

We look forward to your enquiry!

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